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The goal of our initial meeting is to get to know you and understand your priorities and goals. To help you start thinking through your overall financial picture, we have crafted a list of questions that will assist you with topics that may arise during our time together.

How would you rank the following in order of priority (1=High Priority; 4=Low Priority)?

  • Retirement age
  • Retirement income
  • Leaving assets to your heir(s)
  • Ability to fund dreams / major purchases (i.e., travel, vacation condo, real estate, etc.)


  • What is your total outstanding debt for both personal and business? What are the terms and interest rates for each loan?


  • Approximately what is your monthly discretionary cash flow? How is that currently being allocated (Savings account, debt, investments, etc.)?
  • Do you have an emergency savings fund in place? We recommend this to be valued at 3-6 months of non-discretionary expenses.
  • If you have children, have you thought about college savings for your children? Is this a priority for you?
  • Are you saving for retirement either through a personal IRA or employer-sponsored retirement plan? If so, what percentage of your compensation are you saving annually?


  • How much life insurance do you have? Is it Term or Whole Life?
  • Do you have Disability Insurance?
  • Do you have an Umbrella Policy?
  • Is your health insurance a High Deductible Health Plan?


  • Do you currently have a will in place? If so, have there been significant life events since it was last updated?
  • For any existing investment/insurance accounts is the beneficiary information updated or owned jointly with another person?


  • Pertinent information and/or financial goals for your family not listed above (charitable giving, real estate, inheritance, etc.)